Find the best food near you FoodTap lets you find the best food near
you by rank, not restaurant star rating.

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Find food, rank food, share with the world Never again look at a menu and say "I don't know what to order"

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Rankings, not ratings

Who cares if a restaurant is "4-star" if the food sucks? Find food based on who is #1, #2, and beyond

Rankings powered by you

Think the hole in the wall down the street has the best hot wings in town? Submit your own vote for who is best and make a difference

Ordering has never been easier

View how a restaurant ranks for every item on their menu - know exactly what to try and what to avoid

Follow your friends

Check out all the places your friends are eating and who they think the best is

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Share with friends, earn badges, level up Think you're the best food critic around? Share photos and
comments, earn badges, and level up!

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Food lovers love FoodTap Everyone knows about a hidden gem of a restaurant. FoodTap lets you
find them in one simple, easy to use app

Ranking Algorithm

With FoodTap, your vote matters, and so does your authority based on a proprietary ranking algorithm.

Easy to Use

Don't wade through endless reviews to find what's best. Search it, find it.

Reward Great Restaurants.

Help spread the word about local restaurants that care about what matters most - the food.